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  • Great cooking book - Humor, fun & good recipes... Worth the time and money... View More..

  • Nice book with a lot of fine basic recipes with a twist, that just lifts the dishes to a higher... View More..
    Kristina Larsen

  • This book really keeps its promise: The recipes are absolutely foolproof and will help you create... View More..
    Katrine Voigt

  • I just reviewed the free version and must say it is entertaining, fun to read and tempts even a... View More..

  • What a top book!!! the grand kids love the simple instructions (ps. so do i) A meal with in the... View More..
    Peter David Taylor

  • I purchased this because I am always trying to teach someone to cook from scratch. A good selection... View More..

  • If you love any of the above ingredients, I'm sure you could find a lot of inspiration in Easy... View More..

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Move over Jamie Oliver,

    Here is a guy with a sense of humour,... View More..

  • If you can't cook buy this book! Normally I hate cooking books because they are so boring and they... View More..

  • Supricingly well-written and informative for a free online article.... View More..


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Bjarke Steen Rasmussen

Bjarke outlined web
Born in Pointe Noire, Congo 1970 and brought into the world with a scream and a zest for life. Danish nationality

Since 1971 been living a safe, good life at various places in Denmark. Bathing accident in 1988 caused a broken neck and gave a life in a wheelchair and other perspectives on living the life we are given.

  • Educated school teacher
  • Graphics & web designer
  • Food enthusiast
  • Eco, environment interested
  • Organic & recycling revolutionary

Right now our beloved earth is in a poor state, and seeing into the future can be a bit worrying if you think on environmental, resource use and climate status. We have to make some changes and start making some other priorities and more focus on using resources wisely and protecting the environment.

Everyone who buys this book is also indirectly helping me to make a little difference too.

The more of your friends, family or others you recommend this book to, the faster you will help me collect a larger sum of money to donate. So spread the word about "EASY COOKING FOR DUMMIES, MEN AND STUDENTS"

I will let you know when part two hit the bookshelf's. Besides that, I hope this book will be inspiring, thoughtful, entertaining and give any reader some good experiences and moments. A mix to inspire readers to cook and think positively....

This book became only a reality because of free spirit, open minded approach and because of a strong personal belief in persons I meet wishes me the best in life as I wish for them. Believing creates magic in the book, in real life, and could result in more great things for those who join in.

Take care – thanks for reading and good luck cooking.
dk gb

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